Bow Tie Tutorial


I have the most precious little nephew. I love him SO much! I wanted to actually make him something for Christmas this year rather than buy him another toy (he has like twelve million already). He wore a little baby bow tie (he just turned one) to church a couple Sundays ago and so I had the bright idea to make him some more cute little bow ties. I looked around the Internet and stumbled upon a couple cute little bow tie tutorials. They both looked relatively easy so I thought I would give it a shot. I tried both of the following tutorials and ended up liking different aspects from each of them. I combined my own directions with the ones already out there. I loved these and ended up making a lot for family and friends! You can make them in any size and they’re really easy! Such a great last minute gift! Here’s what I did…

This was the first tutorial I found for clip on bow ties. I used this to make the bow portion of the bow tie. These are super easy and quick!

This blog shows you how to make the bow ties another way (they are a little bit more full looking than the other ones) and shows you how to make the adjustable strap too. I ran into more problems with the directions on this site and ended up doing my own thing. But, the bow ties do look nicer when made this way if you want to take the extra steps.

You’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Measuring device (ruler, measuring tape, your finger, something)
  • Needle and thread (sewing machines are great, but you can actually do this all by hand!)
  • Fabric (depends on the size of your bow tie). The measurements for the different pieces of fabric are 9 x 4.5 inches, 5 x 2 inches, & 15×2.5 inches. You can also use real bow tie fabric or even recycle an old tie for this project.
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Bowtie hardware – either bowtie clips or the equipment for an adjustable bowtie (each hardware set has 3 pieces: a hook, an eye, and a slide).

Here is what I did.

1. Start with a piece of fabric 9in x 4.5 in. I love this fun elephant print! (This size would fit any boy or even a grown man. If you want to make a smaller bow tie, then just scale-down the piece of fabric a little. Just don’t make it too long, or you will have a long, odd-shaped bow tie. Make one following these directions first and then you’ll have a better idea of what you need to do to make the smaller ones.)


2. Iron fusible interfacing on the back of the large piece and trim the edges if you need to.


3. Fold the long edges in towards the middle (hot-dog style). Iron.


4. Fold both open ends in towards the middle. Iron for extra crisp edges! Don’t skip ironing in this step!


5. Hand stitch the fold closed. It makes it easier to do the next step.

b7 b8

6. Pinch your rectangle in the center to create a bow shape and stitch it at the folds.

b9 b10

This is what you should have now!


7. Cut a piece of fabric approx. 5 in. x 2 in.


NOTE: There are several different ways to do this part.

8. If you want to make the clip on version, follow these instructions.

  • Take that 5in. x 2in. piece and fold the long edges in (hot-dog style). Overlap the folded in fabric. Iron. This gives you a skinny straight piece of fabric.


  • Stitch a bow tie clip on both sides of your bow tie.
  • Wrap the small piece of fabric around the bow tie and the clip and stitch it around the center of the bow tie! Clip any excess. You’re DONE! Yay!
  • Another note: I didn’t use a bow-tie clip since my craft store didn’t have any in stock. I wrapped the small piece of fabricaround the center of the bow tie and stitched it. Then I hot-glued a hair-clip onto the back to work like a clip. It seems to work fine! It is a lot easier for my nephew topull it off though. This way also works as a little girl’s hair-bow (see final pictures below!). I found that it was a lot easier to do this by hand.

9. If you want to make the adjustable bowtie follow these instructions. You will make a tube for the strap of the bowtie to slide through.

  • Take that 5in. x 2in. piece and fold the long edges in (hot-dog style). Overlap the folded in fabric. Iron. This gives you a skinny straight piece of fabric (see above pictures).
  • Fold the right sides together and sew. You’ll have to play around with this because the size you need the tube to be depends on your bowtie. I like to take the small, folded and ironed piece of fabric from the previous step and wrap it around my bowtie to see approximately where I should stitch. You don’t want it to be too tight because you need room to slide the adjustable strap in. You can do this part by machine or by hand. You will need to make sure you stitch this really, really well (backstitch!!) because this little piece needs to be really sturdy.


  • Trim any excess fabric.


  • Turn the little tube piece right side out. You get something like this.


  • Slide the tube over your bowtie. Sorry, these pictures are hard to see! I was pinching the bowtie and sliding the tube down to the center of the bowtie to give it a nice, finished look.


This is what you should have now!


10.  Now for the adjustable strap. Cut a piece of fabric 15 x 2.5 inches. Make it longer if you are making a bow-tie for a man or an older boy.


11.  Fold it in half, long ways. Iron.


12. Open it back up and fold each end in to meet at the middle crease.


This is what you should have at this point.


13. Stitch it on the edge to make it nice and neat. Sorry I don’t have a picture of that step! I forgot! You can kinda see how the edge was stitched in some of the other pictures below.

14.  Thread that long skinny piece through the tube you made on your bow tie.

15. It’s time to attach the adjustable hardware. Most of the sets come with directions too, so you don’t have to rely on mine.

16. Get your little eye piece and thread it through at the end, as pictured. Stitch down, leaving a little wiggle room.


17.  Get your little adjustable slider piece and thread it through once. Take the hook piece and thread it through too to make a sort of loop. This part is tricky to explain and to picture. Thread the end of the strap back through the slider piece.


18. Fold the end BACK TOWARDS the hook, fold it under to make the edge look pretty, and stitch it down.


20. Tack the center tube and adjustable strap piece down so your strap doesn’t move all over everywhere. Sorry I didn’t take a picture of this, I got too excited that I was finished! Yay!


21.  I made several of these all in one afternoon and I’m still going! Ignore the ugly orange fabric – that was my very first practice one!


22.  Look how cute! I made these for my cousin’s children so they can all match – A big sister and two little brothers. The adjustable one follows the directions listed here. As you can see, it’s a lot bigger – I made that one for a 3 year old and it fits him fine. The middle one was made following the clip on directions as a hair bow for the older sister. The littlest one is for their one-year-old brother and it’s a clip on too. All I did was scale down the size of the large piece of fabric. I think that particular bow tie was 7.5 in. x 3 in.




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