Mother-in-law Gifts

So. I know it’s after Christmas but I’m running behind. I had the hardest time figuring out what to get for my boyfriend’s mom. I couldn’t to do anything too expensive and she literally already has everything! Gift cards are always an option but I wanted to make her something too. Here are some DIY ideas (that aren’t tacky!) for those of you that are struggling too!

1. Detox Bath

I LOVE THIS. I’ve tried it and it really, really works. You could make these in bulk and give it to several friends. I’m going to make Blake’s mom several mini-jars to be used whenever she wants.

Epsom Salt Detox Bath |

2. A Recipe Cardholder

Super cute, super cheap, and you could make this look really classy or cute and fun! Great gift for someone who loves to cook.

Recipe Cardholder DIY

3. Glass etched dishes!

I really like this too. You could make her one and then ask if she wanted you to do any of her other dishes too.

4. Cute Oven Mitts

You could find a way to make a matching apron too!

5. DIY Jewelry

So many options here. This necklace looks expensive but only costs you $3 to make.

6. Scarf

His mom lives in Florida, so probably not what I’ll be doing… but hey, for anyone who lives somewhere colder, a scarf that you made yourself would be a great idea! So many cute options with scarves too.

Make your own braided infinity scarf, just in time for fall.

This one is from


Someone who likes to read would find these little bookmarks absolutely adorable. You could gift these with her favorite book!

Simple and cute button bookmarks

8. A Tablet Cover

SO CUTE! What a great gift for the Mom who loves her Kindle or iPad!


9. Accessory Bags

Cute, easy to make, and she could use them anywhere!

Simple DIY zippered bag tutorial - from see kate sew

10. A Tea Wreath

Yes, you could put together a nice tea/coffee set, but this is SO CUTE. What a neat way to present a gift!

"Tea Wreath"  so it's a wreath of a variety of tea bags...  I'm not really "into" how this wreath looks... but the concept is a nice idea.  I think it could be made much prettier (maybe Shabby Chic) in some way because tea always reminds me of china tea cups, lace napkins, etc... but the concept here is worth giving some thought.

If you choose to go the gift card route, there are so many cute ways to spice it up a bit. I love these fun card ideas!

Present gift card holder.  Coffee Gift Card Holder Starbucks gift card holder - love it.  From Vicki Burdick's blog  A DOUBLE CASE (Popcorn with Theater gift card) ~ North Shore Stamper (Same idea as the coffee cup gift card holder)Starbucks gift card sleeve  My favorite gift!   Creations by Patti: 2010 Christmas, Present Gift Card Holder


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