Countdown at 19…


Only 19 days left! TWO A DAYS TODAY! Hooah!


  • Breakfast: two eggs, oatmeal, coffee
  • Snack: Banana, celery, a teensy bit of peanut butter
  • Protein after workout
  • Lunch: Tuna and my healthier version of potato salad. Strawberry Bubble tea (a study break with a friend).
  • Dinner: Chipotle – Chicken salad with medium salsa, light cheese, and black beans. 

I resisted pizza today! WHO WOULD HAVE BELIEVED IT? Also, I adjusted well to a change in plans for dinner. I forgot about a fundraiser at Chipotle for one of the organizations I’m involved in on campus, but I still made a healthy choice at dinner. HOORAY! Also, today was a really stressful day in general. Late tonight, after a busy, busy day I had to run in to Walmart to get some notecards. It was all I could do not to buy some chocolate. I literally walked down the candy isle five times. I looked at all the brightly wrapped packages of easter candy on sale… but, I didn’t touch it! I think if I would have touched the candy I would have bought it and, given my state of mind at the time, probably would have eaten the entire bag. I avoided chocolate and pizza today by telling myself that eating food wouldn’t fix anything associated with my bad day. In fact, binging or even just eating something that I legitimately DID NOT WANT, would have only added to the problem. Still, I am ashamed at the way I respond to stress. Instead of eating, I took my stress out on Blake. I can be so mean to him. I am snappy and rude for no good reason at all. Because I know he will be there through it all, I guess that I think I can say whatever I want. I immediately regret it, of course. But pride gets in the way and I think I have to put up this front and stay mean, instead of just apologizing. Both of us clearly have issues, but I can’t deny that he has done so much for me. Even if he knows just how to push my buttons, I know he would run through a brick wall for me. The least I can do is show him the same kind of commitment. Despite my often frosty demeanor and my short patience with him, I do really appreciate all he does for me and the sincere way he cares for me. Speaking of patience, that is something I really need to work on. It’s hard for me to conceptualize waiting and working this hard for 21 days… plus more if I succeed in making this a habit. This has literally consumed me for the past three days and it’s daunting to think I will always have to put this much effort in. It’s hard for me to keep working when the going gets tough because I want things easy, fast, and cheap. I take shortcuts, I speed, I feel like I can never get things done fast enough. I know part of that deals with my anxious thoughts. My mind just races and races and races all the time. Sometimes, in the rare moments of silence, all of the noise in my head comes clambering for attention. I feel like I’m trapped in a metal box and people are banging on it with hammers. The jumble of thoughts makes it hard for me to think clearly about anything. Instead of clearing out my mind by allowing myself to really think and really feel, I keep stuffing more into my already teeming mind. My impatience causes me to only focus on the tasks at hand. I lose sight of the big picture. What’s that old saying? You can’t see the forest for the trees? That’s definitely me. I tend to get so focused in all of the things I have to get done immediately that I miss the purpose of it all. I am overwhelmed and anxious. It’s important for me to learn to rewind, to self-reflect, to learn to wait for the good things. I rush through life so consumed with the details that I don’t slow down to appreciate the journey. This fitness experience is just another journey. I must remember the end goal and practice patience if I am going to stick with it. If I can be patient enough to stick with it until I see changes in my body (supposedly it takes like 4 weeks until you can see a change and 8 weeks until others can see changes), then hopefully patience will become part of my spirit and will extend into all areas of my life. 


I did 20 minutes on the elliptical to start out the day today, before eating breakfast. I did the second workout (below) a few hours later. Those treadmill sprints are TOUGH. I didn’t walk at all on the first set (even during recovery), but slowed everything WAY down on the second set. I did decrease my rest from a 90 to 60 seconds since I was walking. Not a bad workout today. I am proud of myself for completing it. I put more effort in and did my very best to ONLY rest for the time allotted. 

60 sec. sprint/ 90 sec. Recovery  
60 sec. sprint/ 90 sec. Recovery- 3% Incline
60 sec. sprint/ 90 sec. Recovery-6% Incline
60 sec. sprint/ 90 sec. Recovery-9 % Incline
60 sec. sprint/ 90 sec. Recovery-12% Incline


Exercise  Sets Reps Weight Rest
Treadmill Sprints SEE ABOVE      
Plank 3 60 sec.   20 sec.
Bicycle Crunches 3 20   20 sec.
Leg Raises 3 20   20 sec.
Back Extensions 3 15   20 sec.
Plank Ups 3 10   20 sec.
TreadMill Sprints AGAIN!      

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