The Years that Ask Questions

ImageFINALLY! A full and productive day! Yet, not matter how much I got done today, I still haven’t scratched the surface of my work load yet. WAHHHH. I just have to make it through next Wednesday and I will be able to breathe for a few days. 


  • Breakfast: 1 hardboiled egg, peanut butter and banana, preworkout.
  • Protein and water, post workout
  • Snack: 2 clementines
  • Lunch: Yummy salad in a jar with light caesar dressing
  • Dinner: I WAS SOOO HUNGRY WHEN I GOT HOME. I had an apple, carrots, a hardboiled egg, and salted almonds while I was waiting on my 3 chicken tenderloins and asparagus cooked (with tony’s seasoning). Afterwards, I wanted something a little sweet so I had so jello salad that my mom made a few weeks ago. That jello was a good way to hit my sweet tooth without eating some chocolate or anything like that! I had a reallyyyyy fulfilling dinner.
  • I’ve also had a whole gallon of water to drink! Yes!

Workout: LEGS. It’s the same leg workout that I did before, but I tried to beat myself on every rep. Since I was still kinda waking up, I only ran .6 miles on the treadmill and walked the other .2miles. My knee is still bothering me on the squats. I didn’t even get the first set. Lunges were still worse. For some reason I don’t have any problem doing reverse lunges on the bosu. So, that’s what I did again. I am even able to do squat jumps! I don’t know what it could be. I emailed our free student trainer to see if I could stop by to use some foam rollers today, but I didn’t make it by. I have pretty persistent pain the side of my left calf too. It hurts to the touch, like my knee. I know some of it has to do with my tennis shoes. I’ve been wearing the same shoes since August so it’s definitely time to replace them. So much to do and so little time. It’s hard enough to make it to the gym… I don’t have time to go get new shoes! My iphone has been cracked since like November… still haven’t gotten it fixed. Sometimes I wonder how the heck anyone has their life together. Most days I don’t have a clue why I’m doing what I’m doing! It’s comforting to know that God’s plans are bigger than my plans. Sooner or later I will be able to look back and see the purpose of all of this.



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