A Bad Case of The Mondays

Oh, Monday. I love Mondays and hate Mondays. On one hand, it means a new beginning, a new week, a fresh start. On the other hand, it’s Monday. Yesterday’s sprint workout might have been the toughest thing I’ve ever done. Oh buddy. I had to walk in between sprints. Honestly, the sprints without the incline weren’t THAT hard in comparison to the ones on the incline. But add even the slightest incline and I thought I was dying. Today, I didn’t have much time to workout so I squeezed in 30 minutes on the elliptical. After yesterday I thought that 30 minutes would be nothing but it was hard because my leggies were so sore. I also used a foam roller for a few minutes afterwards. Hopefully that will help my knee and shin splints some. I’m going to start making sure I stretch and ICEEEEEEEE as much as possible. I’m really worried about getting my legs in shape since I’ve had to be careful about squats and stuff. All the cardio I’m doing has made my shin and hip hurt on that side because I know I’m favoring it when I run. I don’t know if I should go get it checked out or what. I don’t know if it’s something I can remedy at home. Hopefully I’ll feel better once I start stretching and applying ice with intensity. It’s really frustrating. I’ve had to talk to Blake a lot these past few days about staying motivated and not giving up. There’s a lot I have to work through. In the past I’ve been easy with myself about failure. When my eating disorder had such a tight grip on my life, I treated failure with restriction. I have been worried about getting caught there again in the restrict, binge, purge, restrict cycle that I haven’t held myself accountable for my mistakes for so long. Yes, mistakes are going to happen. But, you have to LEARN from them. I can’t beat myself up for failing, but I can’t set myself up for failure either. Learning from mistakes is how you change your mindset. 


  • Breakfast: Breakfast Essentials Drink with Banana and Skim Milk. Coffee
  • Lunch: 2 Medium sized baked potatoes with “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” and salt and pepper.
  • Snack: carrots
  • Dinner: Turkey Sandwich on a sandwich thins with mustard & lettuce. 2 Hardboiled eggs with mustard. 
  • I have carrots for a snack if I get hungry at work later! 

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