How many days do I have left?

Today’s brief rundown…

Woke up early to workout. I didn’t want to workout this morning but it makes for a MUCH better day, that’s for sure! 1 mile run, 100 jumping jacks, 90 body weight squats, 80 mountain climbers, 70 pushups, 60 sec plank, 50 sec plank each side, 1 mile run. I pushed myself on the runs! I did both of them under 8:30, which is hard on a treadmill because I find it SO BORING. 

Breakfast: banana and preworkout (before workout); oatmeal and 4 hard-boiled eggs (post workout)

Dinner: Quinoa, 1 can tuna and mustard, almonds (2-3 handfuls), apple. Handmade s’more pie at small group… I had to eat before my 3 hour class at 5 (because that tuna would have STUNK UP DA CLASS). I went ahead and ate before I was really hungry. So… when small group rolled around I was slightly hungry and found it easier to give in. I wish I hadn’t of eaten those almonds and saved my apple so I could have eaten it at small group instead of the s’more pie. I am mad at myself for eating it. I hope it doesn’t undo all of my work today. I was literally chanting clean eating at myself all day today WAH. Tuesdays are just tough.


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