April 18

So last night Blake and I had a big long talk about how I needed some time to plan things based on what he wanted me to do, etc. etc. Well he said he’d have everything to me this morning. When I woke up to work out (EARLY, mind you) I saw that he had run one mile. Nothing about what to eat for the day, just run one mile. So. I texted him asking if that was all and he didn’t respond. So. I went back to sleep knowing I only had to give myself ten minutes to run one mile. Hah. WRONG. I was supposed to run FOUR miles this morning. He had a type-o… oops. I didn’t have much time in my schedule the rest of the day because I already had plans to go to the driving range with a buddy and then a concert with my friends, so all I did today was run one mile. Cool. I did hit some balls at the driving range for a few hours though. Hopefully that’ll be good!

I’m still having trouble eating… I realized I haven’t been keeping an adequate record on here!

Breakfast: banana, oatmeal (probably about 2 1/2c.) (10:00am)

Snack: GNC breakfast bar (12:15pm)

Lunch: Carrots, 1 chicken tenderloin with goat cheese (2:30pm)

Snack: Almonds and raisins (probably about 3 handfuls)

Dinner: 2 chicken tenderloins, salad (red leaf lettuce, red grapes, sprinkled mozzarella cheese on top) With Honey Yogurt Dressing (45 cals/tbsp) (6:30pm)

My big downfall today was the snack in between lunch and dinner. Nuts killlll me. I didn’t buy peanut butter this week because I literally ate almost a whole jar in 7 days last week. I need to be able to limit myself to ONE handful of the nuts IF I do decide to eat them for a snack. I need to start eating more fresh foods. But hey, it’s 1:05am and I’m hungry so maybe it’s okay. I do feel reallyyy bloated though. I’ve been hoping to see home flatness in my stomach and it’s just not happening. I know that will change before I start seeing a difference in my legs, so I’ve been wanting to see that progress because I know that will give me some more motivation. I just want my legs to be smaller! WAH. I don’t even want to look perfect, I just really want smaller legs. That’s ALL. It’s one of the biggest things I hate about myself. I wish I could snap my fingers and this would be done. Easy. Ugh. The thing is, it’s just an uphill battle. Sooner or later though, I’ll get to the peak. I’m going to keep pushing. I’m making some signs tomorrow to put on the fridge. Hey, whatever works.


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