three days

Image My emotions were crazyyy today! I was up and down and up and down, literally on a roller coaster. I started out my day excited to be up and at em but spent most of my Saturday at work. I was tired and couldn’t get myself excited to workout. I DID workout after work but felt lonely and kind of down while I was doing it! I love getting friends to workout with me. I do wish my roommates were more health conscious and active. That would make things a millllllion times easier. But, instead of letting myself be pulled down because of them, I can LIFT THEM UP! It’s important for me to change how I feel about things and not let others clutter up my mind. I need to stop comparing myself to others. I really realized that today. I kept comparing myself to the other cool things that people were doing today. If things aren’t picture perfect, I don’t think it’s good enough! No, I didn’t do a mud run or a color run today. No, I didn’t go out tonight with a ton of friends. But I did learn to play racquetball, saw an old friend and showed her little brother, a potential Clemson student, around Fike, worked out, started a painting, went for a walk and now I’m going to try to study. I needed a day to breathe. I need to continue to make the most of it and GET SOME STUFF DONE for school with the rest of my day. Grace and I had a great talk on our walk. We needed that! She also made beignets today, so that was a great sweet treat! We talked about our lives and struggles lately and things we can pray about for one another.

Anyways here’s my workout:

Leg Day

  • 1/2 mile warm up on the treadmill (only did 1/2 mile because I had just played a little bit of racquet ball)
  • Squats: 3×15 Bar+10lb. on each side, 20lb. on each side, 25lb. on each side (my knee felt great but I didn’t want to push it!)
  • Box Jumps: 25×2 sets
  • 2 laps of walking lunges around the indoor track
  • Hip Abductor: 2X20 85lb., 100lb., 100lb.
  • Hip Adductor 45lb., 45lb, 35lb. (These are HARD for me)
  • 10 minutes on the elliptical at a lower intensity


  • Breakfast: oatmeal with peanut butter and skim milk. Coffee with creamer.
  • Snack: GNC breakfast bar with apple
  • Lunch: Hard boiled egg with mustard, 1 scoop of protein with skim milk, 3 beignets plus a bunch of powdered sugar
  • Dinner: Salad with hard boiled egg and goat cheese crumbles, almonds, raisins and honey mustard yogurt dressing

I get so discouraged when I look at my legs. I just hateeee the cellulite on the back of my legs. My legs make me look so fatty fat fat. I literally feel like I’m normal sized on top and then look like I’m wearing giant balloon pants from the waist down. My legs are like stumpy blobs. I used to like my big butt, but now, all I see is the cellulite that makes it flabby and gross! I’m also still having trouble eating right! All I think about is food. But, in order to train myself I have to think about positive reinforcement so… I did great at dinner! I tried to eat mindfully and really taste each part of the salad. I was munching a little extra on the almonds and raisins because I was craving some sweet something but I kept telling myself I’d already had PLENTY of sweets today. I sat down to blog because I hoped that would help. After drinking some water and thinking about it, I feel satisfied. Food is not the answer for boredom; it is not a substitution for dealing with my feelings.


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