World Travels!


Finally, I’m a world traveler! Today, after getting only about three hours of sleep in the past likeeee 30 hours, I can finally say I’ve navigated across the globe by myself! Eeee! It wasn’t as hard as I expected. I flew from Atlanta to Frankfurt, then to Munich, and from Munich to Basel. It was so neat to see all of the different peoples and hear the cacophony of various languages, especially in the bigger international airports. It’s amazing how small the globe has become, how quickly people are able to cross continents and boarders! And yet it’s still so big because there is so much to be seen! Every time I go to a new place I’m always reminded that a smile is the same in every language. There’s a lot of bad in this world, but there’s also a lot of good, a lot of kindness. Today, upon arriving in the tiny little town of Kandern, Germany my cousin, Mimi, and I went for a walk. I loved seeing all of the old houses. From the air, the German landscape looks really well managed, like a giant patchwork quilt. The land is sectioned off into almost perfect squares and rectangles, all different shades of green and brown. Yet, on the ground, the people let their gardens grow more freely than the perfectly trimmed shrubs and bushes I’m used to seeing in the states. The grass is a little taller, there are some natural flowers mixed into the flowerbeds, and beautiful ivy and wisteria grows onto the houses. I’ve learned that the Mien River flows through Frankfurt and the Rhine separates France and Germany. I’ve seen both in one day! I also got to ride on an autobahn! I’m really excited to spend this next month abroad. These first few days will be spent with Mimi at Black Forrest Academy, a school created mostly for missionary kids. These girls are so fun! I’m so excited that Mimi has a chance to grow with these girls. I’m really excited to spend this next month abroad. I’m excited at this different chance to think about food. I am so unbelievably tired so I feel like everything has gone by in a BLUR, but I have eaten some pretty good food already even just at the airport! The airplane food was actually really good too. Free wine, free Baileys, and OHHHHH don’t get me started on the delicioussss German chocolate! Some things that I’m excited to see happen… One, I don’t have an unlimited amount of food at my disposal like I have at my house or my apartment at school. Two, the people are much more active. I mean, I’ve been sitting on my BUTTTT the past two days but hey, I’ve been on a plane and that will all change now that I’m HERE. I brought my running shoes so I do plan to run and stuff when I can. Three, there’s a big difference in the way Europeans and Americans think about food. I am ready to try to eat mindfully and experience food in a different way. Also, I hope that some of the bloating and stuff from my recent binges will go away as I try to eat normally. More than anything, I hope that food is the LAST thing on my mind during this trip. There’s so much to see and do! I don’t want to be weighed down by my obsession with food! I was worried about all the carbs that Italian people eat but you know, Americans are the ones with the weight problem, not Italians! So, I PRAY that my weight evens out. I am hoping to the high heavens that I don’t gain any more weight… That would really be devestating. But, I’m trusting that things will even out. Balance. That’s what I’m seeking on this trip. That’s what I’m always seeking. Balance and a renewed sense of God FIRST in relation to myself SECOND.


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