Day 3 of Travels!

May 8, 2013

I slept this morning, planning to go to school when the dorm parents took lunch at noon. I woke up at 11:42. Seriously, this jet lag thing is really getting to me! Because my day was shortened, I don’t have too much to say. I went to PE, art, and worldview classes and soccer practice with Meems today. Mimi sprained her ankle at soccer, so that is going to cut into some of our rambling a little bit. We had planned to walk to a German place for dinner but she is barely able to walk so that didn’t work out. I missed breakfast but had a yummy lunch of bratwurst, gouda mac and cheese, raw veggies, and a cakey tiramusu strawberry desert thingy. I really liked the bratwurst! It’s much better than a hotdog (I HATE hotdogs). For dinner, I had potatoes, breaded chicken, green beans and milk with two rice cakes – one with pb and an apple, one with nutella. I don’t really like German peanut butter that much! It’s not as brown in color so they’ve done something to make it less like a bunch of ground of peanuts and more like a milky peanut spread. But the nutella was, of course, parfait! I thought I would blog before any late night snacking started in the dorm to get in touch with how I was feeling about food. I am perfectly satisfied, but not overly full. I will be hungry again in the morning! I really don’t WANT a snack tonight. I need to keep that in mind in case there is food presented later. I wanted the nutella and peanut butter not really for the taste but because it was there. That’s not the way to think about things all the time, but sometimes it is. This was one of those times that I’m making it okay. So, I made sure I really enjoyed it. That’s pretty much it for today – short and sweet. Not much happened this Wednesday.


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